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Special Thanks To Dan Caruso & Gar Francis For Helping Make This Album!!


April 3rd at ROXY & Dukes 

Dunellen N.J. Call 732-5294464 for more info

"You Gotta Work" With Special Permission from Bongo Boy Records 2017

Wayne is a Jersey Boy born and bred!!

Wayne Olivieri (Wayne O) has been singing since the fourth grade when he joined the Saint Mary's Boys Choir from Plainfield NJ.He grew up singing at church every Sunday and performing concerts with the choir.

After 8th grade he started his first band and never looked back..............All through high school years he was singing in a band.......And at the age of 17 was playing full time in clubs in New York City like CBGB's, Max's Kansas City, The Lime Lite ,The Village Gate and more. Playing on the same bill as The Ramones, The Talking Heads, Blondie, and a plethora of others. He performed up and down the east coast and Moved to Asbury Park NJ where he performed at legendary clubs like The Stone Pony , The Fast Lane and others.

It was there where he met and became good friends with John Bongiovi (Jon Bon Jovi). Wayne and Jon stayed friends for over 17 years and performed many times next to Jon and the band. Opening shows etc…He became a regular at The Stone Pony of the most famous rock Clubs in the world at the time(and still is) where he opened and headlined many times for acts like David Johansson, Huey Lewis, Southside Johnny , Cindy Lauper, Beaver Brown, Rick Derringer, Billy Idol and many more.

Wayne Continued to play in Europe and America over the years then took some time off to start a family and raise his daughter. After a long hiatus (and divorce) Wayne is happy to be back writing and recording with new found energy and creativity.

This album is his third release on Oneway Records which Wayne started in 2014.Hope you enjoy




Over the years I have had the opportunity to meet. sing and write with some extremely talented people.  Some were and still are world famous...some not so famous...but one of my observances in life, especially in the entertainment industry is that just because your extremely talented doesn't necessarily mean you will be famous and successful......on the other hand just because your successful and famous doesn't necessarily mean your all that talented.  ( Im not sure that has to do with anything but I said it anyway) ..... Eclectic Mind is a collection of songs that reflects many of my experiences I've had and thoughts that I've pondered over the years...about half the album was written by me alone and the other half with a few close friends and fellow muisicmen.    There's songs about times...Good times and even one to my Mother......Im very proud of this album and the people who helped make it a reality.   Ive been writing songs and singing since the 7th grade and have accumulated hundreds of   cowritten tunes with various people.  I am mostly a Melody/Lyric guy but for the first time in a long time I sat at my baby grand and finished a bunch of songs.... music AND lyrics ...took them to my longtime friend, engineer/ producer Dan Caruso's studio and with the help of some more extremely talented players like Gar Francis (guitars & production) finished them.

I originally was going to release a EP with 6 songs but then I thought of all the studio recordings I had cowrote that never were released into the universe and thought...why I went back to my music room and picked out some of my favorites and re mastered them and put them on the record.

 I hope at least one song can make you feel good (or sad...that's OK too) but for a Musicman (or Woman) we just want to help you enjoy a few minutes away from the crush of life with the sounds we create .


Wayne Olivieri